Mind At Peace

by Peter T. Burchard

My mind exists with entrenched rubble

Disguised as me this persistent trouble


Words inside give place for dread

Bound alive to what is dead

Limits and reasons build their altar

Set to dwell so life may falter


Spews the fount of ordained missive

Mining the past to re-live what’s derisive


Never concede “That’s just me”

Time to discard unworthy pleas


As a sleuth who seeks to discover

Cast out thoughts of useless mutter


Forge a path of surer thinking

Insolents breach is forever shrinking


Dare dregs of mind emerge for say

Full resist ‘til they rue the day


Each step ahead more energized

Mind ascends de-criticized


No place or time for lesser views

Lobes airtight for what I choose


My joyful saunter herein debuts

A plan forever what to eschew


Embraced by knowing how to steer it

The mind exists with peaceful spirit

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