Strengthening Your Resolve

Sometimes, you have to set aside logic and reason (even wisdom and advice) and make a change based on raw courage and resolve. You know what you have to do and you do it. You resist the temptation to coddle your current skills and abilities. Consequently, your work life – your whole life – gets better.

The problem is that we don’t always see or accept the truth about our own self. In fairness, we may not clearly see the “thing” that has become a roadblock to achieving a work goal or taking the next career step.

What are you doing to see the “things” in you work life that are in the way of the progress and success you seek?

Consider these ideas:

  1. Deep down inside, you see a few things about yourself that should change –that need to be updated. What are the attributes or skills in your work life that need to be brought in for service? Pick two.
  2. You may resist seeing the changes you should make. You may not be able to see the deeper – more subtle issues that trouble other people about you. We resist and end up thinking “Everything is just fine” or “good enough.” I’ve had a number of people say to me: “I’ve gotten here…so I must be pretty good.” These thoughts can be dead ends for professional growth. How do you force yourself to see yourself “as-is” and open up to going deeper? I love the question: “What am I open to?”
  3. Stare down what you’ve surfaced about yourself. Ask yourself: “How is this “thing” helping or hindering me?” “What is it about me and this “thing” that needs to be stopped or updated?”
  4. Look at today and ask: “What new skills have I learned over the past six months that I’ve applied to my work life?” “What technical skills have I gained?” “How am I better at communicating with work associates and clients?”

In coaching your own self, you will learn more and more about personal motivation. You will come face to face with this powerful question: “Am I tired of living with the consequences of being the way I am today?”

People everywhere are hurting at work, questioning their role and on the edge of an unwelcome job change. Others aspire to new heights but limits and reasons keep getting in their way.

People with courage don’t want to get caught up in the gentle dance of self-improvement. They want to change now. They look to their own resolve.

Unleashing your resolve and the resourcefulness that will follow requires that you see yourself differently. Don’t give yourself a break. Don’t give yourself the benefit of the doubt. Don’t seek soothing advice and an affirming performance review. Stop any notion of “Hope springs eternal.” Stop thinking “there’s a small sign of improvement” and “tomorrow has to be better.” Don’t romance your current ways. Stop believing that you’re good enough for all of the challenges that are before you. I emphasize – ramp up your objective self-awareness. Resist the defensiveness that will pop up in your mind.

Be dedicated to self-awareness and your on-going comprehensive professional development. See the linkage between who and how you are and the goals you want to achieve. Embrace your reality. Become your better self – all the time – through awareness, learning and doing. This is what it means to be nimble – starting with you.

See the issue. See the impact. Set the goal. Act now. Experience a better work life.

One of the surest ways to experience a more useful and meaningful life is to see something about yourself that must change and then make the change. “Be of good courage and do it.”

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