Chummy Expectations Illinois Public Pensions, a Life

by Peter Burchard

What brings my words to this bout of unease?
Believing that pension and health are fixed by law
How thinly rests the oath on those who walked the Rail
The willing who vowed and knew and ignored for gain
An addiction; a legislative addiction

Suave and smooth are the excuses to payers and legions who retire
Mad again
Pension checks as money laundered through a hand
All statesman like – be mad again
Promises now ripen as blunt headline of insurmountable blow
Billions due mad again

What was promised has birthright in Convention
Courts cannot rescue what others colluded
Recipients rejoice and see no fault
The public, the press, busy – consumed by optimism
A comfort chair with a view – believing what’s bestowed is deserved

Inhale all terms with indignation to prevail
Distained are the voices of dissent; repose is honorable
Threatened are ye who dare question the game
All works out when we wink together
Now my turn to join those unrepentant of endless demands

They who eat cake have dreams too
Blind to their looming death by obligation – sold as gifts
Jilted now, yet content in bed as dealers knew they would
Face as lambs and clumsily grasp for answers
Their unused hands, many hands, are also stained

Not forgetting those who glean from transactions
Belching suitors these experts
Invested and borrowed to meet obligations
The endless replenishment of investments gone south
Financial worlds engorge under the public spout

Will life run past ages of promises made?
All will be well if the emissary of numbers is right
Hoping that no cataclysmic end comes before
My actuarial date greets dirt or vase
Dependents beware

Chummy with expectation
A new roll call emerges
Towns and streets of distress need money too
The mystery of balance due no longer escapes
Come leaders of labor, law, citizens and retired
Debate and decide in public eye

Peter Burchard
C: 706-691-7494

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