Coaching for Individuals & Teams

Always Learning, Always Forward

Peter works with individuals and teams interested in advancing their vision, accelerating their effectiveness and solving their problems. In most arrangements, coaching focuses on gaining a deeper understanding of present circumstances, creating useful goals and the development of new perspectives and necessary skills.

Peter’s bottom line is to encourage and show others how to improve their bottom line.

People interested in coaching typically seek to:

• develop new insights
• accelerate their career

• challenge their own status-quo
• resolve a long-standing problem(s)

•  achieve a certain goal(s)
• find new heights by going deeper

• advance their leadership understanding and skills
• get specific and create a better future

Peter with business and government leaders from Sri Lanka following a workshop regarding ethics and leadership.

Peter with business and government leaders from Sri Lanka following a workshop regarding ethics and leadership.

Peter’s coaching often involves probing and planning with the following in mind:

  1. A reality check. What are you up against? What do you want to do next - but you feel stuck? What tests are you facing? What’s been your value recently? What’s working and what’s not?
  2. Where are you headed? If nothing changes, what’s likely to unfold over the next three to six months? What breakthroughs are you seeking? How would you describe your attitude about your future? Hungry?
  3. Creating your plan. What does your plan for your future look like? How do you want to describe your future role and contribution? How can you cultivate your effectiveness? What are you open to? What’s most important?

Throughout the coaching experience, we will discuss key elements of your reality, learning and progress.

In part, professional coaching is about helping people and teams surface their present self and circumstances with clarity, honesty and courage. The aim, also in part, is to help each client understand their philosophy and the skills needed to accomplish their desired future.

Coaching fits within a wide range of circumstances including a person newly promoted or hired, teams that need to work better together, persons looking for new insights into their effectiveness, someone facing a non-voluntary transition, someone looking to be more successful and influential, leaders looking to work better with a board (appointed or elected) and senior management teams needing to work better together.  

Peter’s approach and rules: I love working closely with individuals and teams. I love the journey that leads to individual and team breakthroughs. Here are my coaching principles and some rules.

  1. I approach all engagements as an equal. The difference is in our perspectives and how I use my viewpoint to help you accomplish what you are seeking. My role is to help you get where you want to go.  
  2. Coaching is about the client and what the client needs. While I keep my focus on you and your needs, I am not milquetoast. The work we will do together is serious and we will “get at it”.
  3. I am approachable, humorous, patient and, at times, intense. I am determined to understand your needs and thinking before your plan is established.
  4. I keep what we talk about strictly confidential. If I am engaged by a third party, we discuss the terms of how information and progress is shared.
  5. I will help cause you to see your present circumstances and opportunities more clearly. Consequently, I will help you create your plan to address what you want to accomplish.
  6. I follow a world-view that focuses on “freedom and accountability” at work. In this context, we build success based on the idea that the person and the work-place have responsibility and accountability to each other.
  7. I am a work coach. I focus on work issues. I am not a therapist.
  8. At work, conflict is real. From time to time, people and groups get stuck and relationships break-down. At work, conflict, irritableness, and distrust can gain too much of a foothold. Sometimes these issues can have the affect of slowing down projects and goals. As a coach, I can help you create and implement a plan for getting past this trouble and restoring a better environment.
  9. To accomplish the purpose of our engagement, we commit to being prompt and focused. We agree to complete our coaching related work on-time. We move at a good clip.
  10. I embrace the idea that you should be willing to experiment with new ideas. To get where you want to go, you may have to try different approaches. You may travel down a path you did not expect.  
  11. I believe people can change for the good and that transformation is possible. I believe people can sort through their obstacles and improve their effectiveness.
  12. I believe people can be restored and excited about their present circumstances.  I believe people can move from a sense of resignation and frustration to being confident and a far better contributor.  

To discuss how coaching might be a great step for you or your team, please contact Peter directly at 706-691-7494 or email at