Expert Advice for Employers’ Who Provide Employee and Dependent Healthcare

Expert Independent HealthCare Advice

For Employer’s Who Provide Employee and Dependent Health Insurance 

If you’ve been wondering:

  • Why your health care costs continue to rise?
  • What can be done to help your health care team achieve better results?
  • What can be done to help employees improve their own health?

Then Peter Burchard, an expert in employer healthcare strategy, can help.

As an independent healthcare expert (not a broker), Peter understands what employers and others face and must do to control costs while supporting employee and dependent well-being.

As a former health care executive, hospital board chairman and employer, Peter has the perspective and skill to actually address what other consultants say they can do.

Peter helps clients understand and implement strategies that will create accountability and improved results around four core health care problems:

  1. Brokerage and carrier services
  2. The cost of large medical claims
  3. Medical management services
  4. Employee and dependent well-being and wellness